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Investment Management

Planning & Guidance

  • Investment Plan: We help you determine goals, constraints, timeline, and commitment to saving. We then help you evaluate risk tolerance and risk capacity. Finally, we prepare a roadmap to achieving your goals.
  • Behavioral Coaching: We provide long term focus and help avoid behavioral mistakes. We also help avoid abandonment of a well-thought-out investment strategy. Finally we provide discipline and reason to clients who may make emotional decisions.
  • Monitor Progress: We conduct regular check-ins and reviews as we help you organize, stay on plan, and educate you. We also provide regular performance tracking and benchmarking.

Portfolio Management

  • Asset Allocation: We determine asset class selection and strategic allocations for your portfolio. We help with maintaining a proper level of portfolio risk to suit goals, time horizon and comfort level. And we divide capital within portfolio between asset categories such as stocks and bonds and within each category. We look to opportunistically buy on dips and mitigate risk in response to changing capital markets and economic conditions.
  • Security Selection: We make specific investment selections to implement asset allocation including active manager selection and index tracking positions.
  • Systematic Rebalancing: We work to control risk by reducing portfolio volatility. We work to enhance returns with methodical buy low—sell high process, And we use tolerance bands that allow for positive momentum on upside but limit downside.

Tax Efficiency

  • Withdraw Strategy: We determine the optimal order to draw income from account types, the timing of investment withdraws vs. use of Pension and Social Security, and implement tax optimization through buys and sells.
  • Asset Location: We strategize to determine where to use active high turnover managers vs. passive index funds, where to locate high income vs. high capital gain investments, and when to hold Municipal vs taxable bonds
  • Ongoing Tax Management: We focus on tax gain and loss harvesting, keeping turnover low to obtain favorable capital gains, and coordinating offsetting realized capital gains outside of the portfolio.