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Our Values

Perspective 6 Group is driven to be one of the most innovative, well known, and respected wealth management firms in Minneapolis/St. Paul area known for stretching boundaries of what advisors typically deliver!

For Our Clients

1. Partner with our clients through understanding; never dictate.
2. Provide proactive, focused and consistent leadership for our clients.
3. Deliver personal service with clear direction for each client.
4. Use candor and authenticity in all our communications to clients.
5. Act as strong protectors for client goals and fiduciaries for their money.
6. Strive to impact more than the numbers for our clients.

For Our Firm

1. Collaborative & innovative environment, empowering support team, and cutting-edge technical tools to provide advice at a world class level.
2. Preserve a positive workplace environment that encourages continuous improvement while providing for satisfying work and relationships.
3. Require high standards of excellence in service, advice, and results.
4. Maintain a process driven approach to bring efficiency with consistency.
5. Add value with every client interaction.
6. Make a positive impact on our industry through leadership and excellence.